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SoftwarePoints Rewards

What are SoftwarePoints?

SoftwarePoints represent a unique digital currency designed exclusively for our valued customers. These points are not just a numerical value; they are a versatile currency that enhances your shopping experience with substantial benefits.

Earning SoftwarePoints

Only registered users can earn and use SoftwarePoints. By becoming a registered member you can engage in point-earning activities, thereby unlocking the full potential of savings and shopping experience. Register today to start earning and enjoying the benefits of SoftwarePoints.

  1. Points-for-purchase: Whenever you make a purchase on our platform, you earn SoftwarePoints based on the value of the product. You will earn 2 SoftwarePoints for every dollar you spend. Please note that only orders above $5 will be eligible for the reward.

  2. Registration Freebie: Simply registering on our platform grants you a small boost of 15 SoftwarePoints, welcoming you to SoftwareSpot.

  3. Purchase Bonus: When placing an order valued above $100, you will receive a bonus of 100 SoftwarePoints. That’s 1 extra point for every dollar spent, on top of the existing points-for-purchase reward.

  4. Review Bonus: Share your valuable insights by writing product reviews, and you’ll earn 25 bonus SoftwarePoints, enhancing your engagement with our platform.

  5. Birthday Gift: Every year, we will send you a birthday gift in the form of 20 SoftwarePoints, adding a small touch of joy to your day. The points will be awarded automatically based on your birth date, you don’t need to login in order to claim your SoftwarePoints gift.

  6. Exclusive Promotions: Keep an eye out for our exclusive promotions and events. These limited-time opportunities allow you to accelerate your rewards accumulation. On special occasions, Double Points Days allow you to earn double the rewards for a limited time.

What can you do with SoftwarePoints?

Your SoftwarePoints balance can be used to claim these succulent rewards:

  1. Free Product: Redeem SoftwarePoints for a complimentary software product of your choice. Limits apply.
  2. Permanent Discount: You will receive a discount code that grants you a 5% discount on every future order.
  3. 10% Discount: Use SoftwarePoints for a one-time 10% discount on all products.
  4. 5% Discount: Use SoftwarePoints for a one-time 10% discount on all products.
  5. $5 Discount: Convert your SoftwarePoints into a $5 discount for instant savings.

Tracking Your SoftwarePoints

We provide a dedicated dashboard within your account. This feature empowers you to monitor your balance, review transaction history, and stay informed about the rewards and privileges available to you.


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