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Our Story

Our Story

Everything started on eBay.

Before SoftwareSpot, there was a small eBay store named "digital.it". For two consecutive years, the store generated dozens of monthly sales. However, the outdated delivery system required a change.

Our Story

The predecessor of SoftwareSpot is born.

Formerly named Jok's Shop - a new fully automatic digital license shop appeared in the market. The website rapidly gained a reputation and became industry leader for digital software sales in Italy.

Our Story

The original website changes management.

While the original domain is still active to this day, the website and the business is under different management. We carry the same spirit and concept of the original project, while drastically improving the user's experience.

Our Story

SoftwareSpot comes to life.

After one year spent into product research, business relationships, graphic design and web development, SoftwareSpot was born. The company changed name, relocated in the United Kingdom and expanded its team.

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Same name, new branding.

As the team expands and technology evolves, we felt the need for a small, yet important rebrand. The brand name and colors are the same, however the website and graphic assets have been radically changed.

Our Story

SoftwareSpot goes international.

The website breaks the local barriers, becomes multi-language and opens to over 25 foreign markets. Our goal is to make SoftwareSpot recognized worldwide as a trustworthy software license provider.

What’s going to happen in the future?

SoftwareSpot is constantly evolving, improving, rearranging. As a dynamic brand, we often introduce new products and improve the website’s features. We always strive to improve and be a bright and reliable lighthouse in a sea of shady competitors.

Fueling creativity, productivity & security.
One license at a time.

SoftwareSpot is committed to establishing itself as the foremost authority in the realm of digital software licenses. With an ever-expanding catalog, we offer solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of both individuals and businesses. We are on a mission to empower our customers, providing them with the tools necessary to not just elevate their productivity but to soar to unprecedented heights of success. At SoftwareSpot, our quest for excellence is boundless. We aim to redefine the software purchasing experience and set new standards in the industry.